It is part of the Technical University of Munich, whose departments and multi-disciplinary facilities provide an excellent breeding ground for interdisciplinary research. The department benefits from its position in the center of Munich, alongside the Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU) and other excellent institutions in the immediate neighborhood. It fosters various kinds of cooperation with these institutions.

Sufficient and sustainable maintenance of the built environment, where the achievements of modern technology serve the common goals of humanity, is a key requirement for the social development and furtherance of human creativity. The department is concerned with the built environment and the sustainable and supervised relation with the planet Earth as the basis for ensuring the daily living and security needs of society. The central concerns of the department are summarized in its mission statement – Construction, Infrastructure, Environment, Planet Earth.

We are your landfill experts when it comes to:

Research & Development

  • basic researchmaterials testing


  • technical and scientific advicelocation search, site survey (geological barrier, hydrogeology), stability analysis, hydrologic analysisconsulting on (alternative) sealing systems, survey on alternative surface sealingshydrologic analyses with HELP: comparison of different surface sealings' effectiveness, hydraulic dimensioning of alternative drainage layers, assessment of leachate generation potential


  • (external) monitoringcalculation of the water balance layer

After-use concepts

  • consulting on foundations for construction works on landfills (wind turbines, solar power plants etc.)


  • safety concepts for old landfill sites, external monitoring