In January 2017 Umweltcluster Bayern/iDetec created a network for Bavarian landfill operators. It works as a plattform to share experiences in day-to-day business as well as a communication channel with authorities and other stakeholders from the landfill sector. Membership fee includes three meetings per year plus a workshop organized by iDetec.


K640 IMG 7368
Kickoff meeting in Erlangen (landfill Herzogenaurach)

Workshop Deponiebetreiber 2017 Begrüßung
Workshop for landfill operators in Bayreuth

Workshop Deponiebetreiber 2017 Deponiebesichtigung2
Visit of the piggyback landfill project in Bayreuth (landfill Heinersgrund)


Picture sources: Umweltcluster Bayern.


4th workshop for landfill operators in Außernzell (Lower Bavaria)

Within the past four years iDetec's workshop for landfill operators has become a well-established format for the exchange between municipal and private operators as well as experts in landfill technology.

On July 5 the workshop was hosted by AWG Donau-Wald in Lower Bavaria. The participants discussed topics such as volume optimization, construction waste receipt, funding for gas treatment units or cost optimization in the landfill closure phase. Furthermore, they visited Bavaria's largest landfill in Außernzell.

180705 Betreiber Workshop Thementisch 180705 Betreiber Workshop Schafe

Intense roundtable discussions and interesting views at Außernzell landfill.

Pictures: Umweltcluster Bayern.