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iDetec – competence center for innovative landfill technology connects companies and partners from the public and scientific sector. The connections within iDetec result in cooperation, projects and innovative products and services from the field of landfill technology for markets in Germany and abroad. We help to implement cost-effective and environmentally friendly concepts - to your advantage!

iDetec covers the entire portfolio of landfill technology. Together, we are able to offer unconventional solutions and develop location-specific, custom-made concepts for you.


3nd meeting of Bavarian landfill operators in Donauwörth

Not even one year after its foundation the Bavarian network of landfill operators already counts with 20 members. One of the core activities are meetings hosted by the members.

On April 12 the network was invited by AWV Nordschwaben (Northern Swabia). The landfill operators discussed topics such as trainings for operating staff, new materials (e.g. filled bricks) or new landfill regulations. Furthermore, they visited the residual landfill Binsberg.

180412 Betreibertreffen Donauwörth2

Landfill inspection.

Pictures: Umweltcluster Bayern.